T-Mobile in talks with Sprint

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T-Mobile US chief executive John Legere has acknowledged that talks are ongoing with Sprint to extend their merger agreement, but he declined to rule out requesting the US$26bn price be reduced.

The T-Mobile-Sprint deal, announced in spring 2018, has won regulatory approval from the US Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission but faces a lawsuit from more than a dozen state attorneys general seeking to stop the deal. The previous merger agreement expired last week.

Legere says: “What I can say is yes we are having conversations as partners about whether and how long we move forward the date… and what if any items should be agreed between the parties in exchange for agreeing to extend those terms.”

Sprint spokeswoman Lisa Belot says: “We continue to be committed to completing the merger with T-Mobile.”

Legere says his company has made settlement offers to the state attorneys general.

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