UK medical real estate gathers momentum

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The attraction of one of the fastest growing areas in health investment has been underlined by the acquisition of MedicX by the ambitious investment company Octopus.

MedicX is a UK market leader in healthcare-oriented real estate management. It has around £900m (US$1.46bn) of assets under management in a combination of a UK-listed investment company and two private closed end funds. Octopus has long been a leading Venture Capital Trust (VCT) provider and has rapidly extended its franchise in recent years into new areas including healthcare, in which it has overt ambitions to grow further.

Emphasising the particular demographic appeal that underlies healthcare real estate investment, MedicX’s chief executive Mike Adams stresses that the number of people over 60 in the UK is expected to increase from 10m to around 17m in the next 20 years, He says that this is creating an urgent need for investment in hospitals and in retirement, care and nursing homes in order to satisfy inevitably growing demand. While for Octopus, its chief executive Simon Rogerson praises Adams’ team and highlights that the combined Octopus Healthcare business will provide a wider range of investors with greater access to the asset class.

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